About Kimberly Daniels

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Kimberly Daniels is the founder of Spoken Word Ministries, Kimberly Daniels Ministries International and Word Bible College

Spoken Word Ministries has churches in Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. These churches are spiritual hubs where five-fold ministry gifts train the saints to do the work of the ministry according to Ephesians the forth chapter.

_MG_2834Kimberly Daniels Ministries International is an apostolic outreach to the nations.  KDMI provides conferences, seminars and workshops that train, equip and impart to believers around the globe how to do warfare and deliverance with the ultimate vision of promoting victorious living.

Word Bible College provides Christian education and training for students around the world. The Midnight Cry is a discipleship program that operates under the covering of Word Bible College.  Through the MNC hundreds of students have been personally trained and released into the mission field.  The Commanders of the Morning Ministry provides newsletters and prayer alerts to approximately 40,000 intercessors around the world.

Apostle Daniels’ latest ministry is her international radio broadcast, 25 Minutes of Power (During the Lunch Hour).  PURE RADIO (WJNJ) hosts this broadcast Monday through Friday from 12:05 to 12:30 p.m. (AM 1320/FM 103.7) | Live streaming available at: www.PureRadioJax.org

Achievements and Background

Kimberly Daniels was the fastest female sprinter in junior college in the nation and in the military around the world. Later, she spiraled into a life on the streets that God used to give her the ability to relate to people from all backgrounds. Since the miraculous intervention of Jesus in her life, she shares her testimony globally. She is a graduate of Florida State University where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology.  Kimberly has a Master’s Degree in Christian Education and a Doctorate in Christian Counseling from Jacksonville Theological Seminary.

In 2011 Kimberly was elected to the Jacksonville, Florida City Council as an at-large member.  She received almost 93,000 votes while managing her own campaign in two months when her opponents campaigned for two years.  Her election results were historical.  She is currently influencing her city in both the spiritual and political realm.

Kimberly’s ministry endeavors have taken her to countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Croatia, Japan, Germany, Canada, Trinidad, Barbados, Bahamas, South Africa, England, Venezuela, The Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and many more. She is the author of 13 books: Against All Odds (2 Editions), From a Mess to a Miracle, Clean House Strong House, Delivered to Destiny, Give It Back!, Inside Out, More than Just the Catch, Prayers that Bring Change, Spiritual House Keeping, Spiritual Boot Camp and The Demon Dictionary.  Kimberly has several books that are listed as top twenty best sellers in the African American market. She was named one of the 70 Christian African American History Makers for 2013. She also has 49 commentaries in the Spiritual Warfare Bible published by Strang Communications.  Kimberly is currently working on editions II and III of the Demon Dictionary.

Kimberly writes columns for Charisma Magazine, one of the largest Christian periodicals in the world.

For More Information: Call (904) 237-9363 or (904) 237-9251 | Email: assistant@kimberlydaniels.com

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