Pray Out Loud (Paperback)




More than 95 percent of the psalms express or invite audible words.

This book will inform, equip, and inspire you to proclaim prayers that spread the gospel.

We are living in times of great discrimination against the message of the church. Special interest groups boldly stand on platforms and speak out in ways much like Goliath did when he mocked the armies of the Lord. The generals of that time hid and were afraid to speak out, but we must learn from their mistake. God is recruiting voices from the wilderness of the America we live in today to stand and speak truth in love.

The general attitude of many people is that prayer should be offered up only in the privacy of sanctuaries or the seclusion of prayer closets. This book defies that idea. As others are boldly coming out of the closet for whatever they are passionate about, so should believers!

We know that there is life and death in the power of the tongue. We also know God’s people perish for a lack of knowledge. Pray Out Loud not only informs and trains readers; it also equips them with prayers and declarations so they can intercede with power. This book encourages Christians to refuse to be silenced and instead to become violent interrupters who stand in the gap and with loud voices proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.


  • Trains and equips you to overcome intimidation and receive impartation to intercede with power
  • Includes declarations and decrees for intercession and spiritual warfare


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