Spiritual Bootcamp - Paperback




Be Spiritually Activated for Combat Readiness
Just as new military recruits are sent to boot camp to learn how to be soldiers, we are taught by Scripture to pick up “the weapons of our warfare” and to “put on the whole armor of God.”
Spiritual Boot Camp is your guide to the weapons and armor of spiritual battle. Based on biblical principles, disciplines Daniels learned while serving in the military, and ministerial experience she has obtained over the years, Spiritual Boot Camp will:
·          Train and equip you for spiritual warfare
·          Ignite your desire to get back to the basics of the gospel
·          Reignite your passion for God if you are weary
·          Activate you to reach out to a lost and hurting world

For our churches to be ready for the end-time challenges ahead, every Christian must be trained, equipped, and prepared for combat. It is time to BE ALL YOU CAN BE in Jesus Christ.

Book available in paperback and Kindle.


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